Magnetic Pole Identifier

Magnetic Pole Identifier

Convenient Magnetic Pole Identifier helps you to Identifie North and South Magnetic Poles. Identifying the north and south pole of a magnet can be important if you are using one or more magnets together to attract or repel, but it is not always straight forward to tell if the magnets are not marked. Magnetic Pole Identifiers are a great tool for identifying the poles of magnets.

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Convenient Magnetic Pole Identifier

Magnetic Pole Identifier Functional Description:

This new, handy magnetic pole identifier provides an instant zero-delay magnetic pole indication. Just press the pushbutton to activate the built-in electronic circuitry that will indicate the appropriate magnetic pole via LEDs at once. The green LED marks the south pole, the red one indicates north.

Magnetic Pole Identifier Applications:

1. Measurement of stray magnetic fields in packaging.
2. Coil testing.
3. Magnetization polarity checks.
4. Assistance with the following.
5. Electric motor assembly.
6. Installation of magnetic clamping blocks.
7. Error Analysis.
8. Multipole quality control.

Dimensions: Approx.143x22x20mm
Weight: Approx 29g
Desplay: Two LED display
Battery: 4x1.5v button cell